Twin Lakes State Park

They may not be identical twins, but the two lakes that make up Twin Lakes State Park offer double the fun for any visitor. The history of this park, however, tells a story of a time when not just any visitor could enjoy this recreational area. One-half of the park was formerly known as Prince Edward State Park and was the only park African Americans could visit during Virginia’s pre-civil rights era. Tip: Read more about this history on the Virginia State Parks blog. In 1976 the two parks merged into Twin Lakes State Park, and offer a wide array of nature activities for all to enjoy.

From campground camping near Goodwin Lake to cabin camping on Prince Edward Lake. From beach-lounging to boating, hiking to fishing, ice-cream eating to picnicking, this park offered everything for the perfect Labor Day weekend. And without the crowds, if you can imagine that. 

The location of this park only an hour from our home, brings it to the top of the list of those parks we can’t believe we haven’t visited yet and the list of parks we will return to often. We immediately described it as a cozy campground due to the small number of sites and the small size of those sites. There is only a handful that could accommodate our 27-foot trailer, and many of them are for a tent or pop-up only. However, the pull-through site we scored was wonderful with adequate space around the camper as well as close proximity to the bathhouse. And this is a five-star bathhouse. Seriously. Best we have seen at any state park yet. 

The roads are gravel which also lends to the cozy primitive vibe. But we decided that this feature actually slowed drivers down, allowing the kids to safely ride thousands upon thousands of circles around the loop on their bikes. Also lending to the primitive atmosphere was our next-door neighbor to one side, the lovely dump station. This was the first time we have seen a dump station inside a campground loop, and we cringed at the possibility of what this might mean as we enjoyed a picnic table meal feet from this site. When it came down to it, it wasn’t bad. And we would stay there again. 

On the cozy side of things, this was a park where you get to know your neighbors. And we had a great time doing just that, even sharing dessert around our fire with our across-the-street neighbor and her pup.

To sum it up, this park is the Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow of state parks. It’s cute and quaint. You can walk to pretty much everything. You’ll most likely be met with a smile and a wave wherever you go. There will be a community event on a holiday, like the Avalanche Ice Cream Challenge, where you can gather with fellow ice cream lovers. And if you are our two kids, it’s where you will eat a half-gallon of ice cream plus toppings together in 15 minutes earning second place and the title of youngest to ever compete. 

Fast Facts (and Opinions)

Location: Twin Lakes State Park, Green Bay, VA

Equipment: Travel Trailer

Date: September 2022

Weather: Sunny, very pleasant

Kid-Friendly: Yes (ours were ages 10 and 8)

Dog-Friendly: Yes

Site: 17


Cell Service: Yes (Verizon)

Park Highlights:

Area Highlights:

Park Hikes:

We hiked and/or ran all of the trails in the park. There are not very many. All are accessible from the campground.

Area Hikes:

Other Campsites:

Things to Do Next Time (Because There’s Just Never Enough Time!):

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