Belle Isle State Park

You may have heard of the farm-to-table concept. But have you heard of table-to-park? Well, that is what takes place when you head straight to a state park after eating a delicious Thanksgiving lunch. Yes, I definitely made that up, but if you’re looking for a new Thanksgiving tradition, you may want to check this one out. This plan offers the convenience of being able to enjoy a homecooked meal with family and friends and setting up a campsite all on the same day. By doing this you'll also be all ready to fully participate in Opt Outside the following day. Plus, if your birthday happens to be Thanksgiving weekend like mine is, this plan provides a fun way to continue the celebration into the weekend!

As our second consecutive year to go camping on Thanksgiving weekend, it was another great experience. Tip: Read about the previous Thanksgiving trip to Staunton River State Park here

Three unique aspects stood out to us at Belle Isle State Park. Situated on the Rappahannock River in the Northern Neck of Virginia, this park is a mix of wetlands, farmland, and forest. And it is beautiful!

Less than a two-hour drive from the central Virginia area where we live, Belle Isle will be a park we revisit for sure.

Fast Facts (and Opinions)

Location: Belle Isle State Park - Lancaster, VA

Equipment: Travel Trailer

Date: Thanksgiving Weekend 2023

Weather: Sunny and cold (campfires were not permitted due to a fire ban - Tip: Bring a propane or electric heater when camping during a burn ban so that you can still enjoy sitting together outdoors.)

Kid-Friendly: Yes (ours were ages 11 and 9)

Dog-Friendly: Yes (we have a large dog and a small dog)

Site: 10


Cell Service: Spotty (Verizon)

Park Highlights:

Click here to watch highlight reel.

Area Highlights:

Park Hikes:

Tip: Pick up a hiking guide at the kiosk next to the camp store, with trail descriptions and wildlife to look for. All of the trails permit bikes and most allow equestrian.

Area Hikes:

Other Campsites:

Things to Do Next Visit (Because There's Just Never Enough Time!):

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