Fairy Stone State Park

This state park visit felt like it came straight out of an Independence Day Hallmark movie. When I look back on this trip, even my memories are tinted with a sparkly red, white, and blue glow. It was as perfect as apple pie. It was lakeside fishing, treasure hunting, screen porch coffee sipping, live folk music, and dancing under fireworks. And we enjoyed all of those things, minus the apple pie!

The year was 2019. It was not too long after we got married and before the world went crazy. I had won a great Virginia State Parks gift certificate in a photo contest and we spent it on a water-front cabin rental at Fairy Stone State Park.

This comfortable cabin sits feet from the lake which provides peaceful views and fishing opportunities, as well as easy kayak access. We did a little hiking (to a waterfall!), biking, kayaking, and beach swimming. We spent hours digging at the Fairy Stone Hunt Site for staurolite crystals. The kids (and adults) had a blast hunting for these cross-shaped rocks that are now displayed in a jar in our sunroom. And the wildlife was plentiful during our visit. We saw two bear cubs (on two different days!), baby turtles, ducks, deer, chipmunks, blue moths, and red salamanders.

One of the highlights of this trip was our visit to Floyd. This adorable town is only 30 minutes from the park and the Friday Night Jamboree at Floyd Country Store should be on every Virginian’s bucket list. We enjoyed great live music, learned to clog, and finished the night with a fireworks display over the town. Hallmark movie, I tell ya.

This was definitely the epitome of a good old-fashioned all-American camping trip.

Fast Facts (and Opinions)

Location: Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart, VA

Equipment: Cabin

Date: July 2019

Weather: Warm and sunny, a few short thunderstorms

Kid-Friendly: Yes (ours were ages 6 and 5)

Dog-Friendly: Yes (but we did not have one at the time)

Site: 17-FRI-SW


Cell Service: No (Verizon) - and no WiFi

Park Highlights:

Area Highlights:

Park Hikes:

Area Hikes:

Other Campsites:

Things to Do Next Time (Because There’s Just Never Enough Time!):

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